• The 2021 Princeton AI4ALL Application is now closed.
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent out approximately two weeks after the application deadline of April 1, 2021.
  • If you are accepted or placed on the waitlist, you will have a week to confirm your intent to attend within a week of your notice of acceptance or wait list status. To confirm, you need to submit your intent to attend form and an optional financial aid request form (and supporting documentation), or your waitlist confirmation form.
  • The full tuition minus the amount covered by financial aid will be due approximately one week after that. 

Admission Criteria

Students must be in 10th grade at the time of application and going into 11th grade in Fall 2021.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates should:

  • Have an interest in AI (no previous AI or programming background is required). 
  • Have leadership skills and the potential to make broader impact.
  • Be passionate about creating an inclusive and diverse environment.

Financial Aid

  1. Admission is need-blind for all applicants. We are will be soliciting financial forms only after you are admitted.
    1. This aid will be offered in the form of partial and full scholarships. Aid is granted based upon need, and comes in the form of a grant (i.e. it is not expected to be repaid).
  2. Need is determined through a careful review of each family’s individual financial circumstances. The deadline for financial aid will be approximately 1 week after you’re admitted. We will be requesting the following information:
    1. Previous year's tax return
    2. Previous year's W-2
    3. Short summary describing the need for financial aid (especially if outside the boundaries of the household income guideline below)
  3. The full need of every admitted student is met through a combination of tuition reduction and travel assistance. Assuming the financial aid application is submitted in full by the deadline, we are committed to (*all figures are prorated on assumption of a reduction in tuition due to a virtual program in 2022):
    1. Full tuition waiver plus assistance with travel expenses for all families with combined household income less than $80,000 per year
    2. Reduced tuition to $1,000 for all families with combined household income less than $110,000 per year
    3. Reduced tuition to $2,000 for all families with combined household income less than $140,000 per year

This guarantee is made possible thanks to generous support from the Princeton Computer Science Department, Princeton Center for Information Technology PolicyAI4ALL Organization, Princeton School of Engineering and Applied SciencesPrinceton Center for Statistics and Machine Learning, and the Princeton Office of Information Technology. We will consider additional considerations beyond those outlined above to ensure that every admitted student is able to participate. Note that we are not able to make exceptions to the financial aid deadline, so it is vital that all materials are submitted on time to qualify for aid.“


If the 2022 Princeton AI4ALL program is virtual, tuition will be reduced to $3,000. All aid has been prorated based in the formula above relative to our regular in-person tuition ($6,000). If the 2022 program is in-person, the numbers above will be updated to reflect the increase in both tuition cost and available aid. Extensive financial aid is available.